Modern Image Multi Uploader

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Basic example:

Example #2 (with Drag And Drop):

Just drag your images to the upload button.

Example #3 (with Drag And Drop + Sorting):

Example #4 (with Drag And Drop + Sorting + Main Picture):

When this feature (main picture) is enabled, it'll always mark the first image as main. That's the way it works.

Example #5 (limiting max. uploads):

It won't allow you to upload more than 3 images.

Example #6 (using the plugin within a form):

If you're curious how you can handle the uploaded files through a GET/POST form. The images will be submitted the way you arranged them.
Upload some pictures:

Example #7 (watermark)

Example #8 (event catching)

Just give it a try.
If "main picture" feature is enabled, the plugin will report which is it after every action.

Example #9 (attaching pre-uploaded images)

Example #10 (rotation)

Example #11 (cropping - big image + thumbnail)

How exactly the cropping works here?
Firstly, orakuploader will resize the image proportionally to dimensions near the values you've set for cut.
Then, it'll cut the image to the given dimensions.

The idea at the end of the day is to grab as much as possible from the original image as it can fit in the desired thumbnail proportions.

Example #12 (cropping - thumbnail only)

Example #13 (disabling the upload button, when there are currently processing uploads)